Freelancing - The Future Way of Working

Often people have to ask themselves a very important question: ‘Do I like what I’m doing?’ When it comes to work, a lot of us just settle for what we can get. We take jobs that don’t engage us, that don’t inspire us, or allow us to utilise our passion or drive. We take safe jobs to pay the bills and keep a roof over our heads. But as is more often than not in these uncertain times, the jobs we once relied on for a steady paycheque are beginning to evaporate, replaced with gig work. So what are we to do? What job can keep us ahead of the gig economy? Freelancing of course.

People are creative, inherently so. We love to build and craft, to sculpt the world around us with our own flair and mark. There are few professions that allow for that, but as a freelancer that could be your every day. With an economy trending more and more towards casual labour and here-and-there gigs, freelancing offers rich and tangible experiences for you to craft your life into something to be envied.

So what does freelancing have up on the traditional work method? What are the benefits to freelance employment? Consider the points below, and maybe you’ll see just why freelancing is the future way of working:

- You can work from home

No one likes commuting, it can be a pain to have to fight your way through to traffic, and for some, commuting to a job just isn’t a possibility, especially with family responsibilities. As a freelancer, there’s no need to commute to an office or a site, your home is your office. For stay at home parents or students, this is a great way to strike a balance between life and work that is so much harder to achieve with a regular 9 – 5 jobs.

- You are your own boss Working as a freelancer, you are functionally, and in actuality, your own boss.

You decide what hours you’ll work, you’ll decide how much you get payed, and you’ll decide what jobs you take. You’d be hard pressed to find that kind of freedom in any other work place.

- You can work a job your passionate about

The beauty of freelancing is that you can hone in on your hobbies and interests and turn them the career of your dreams. Freelancing runs the gambit of jobs, and it doesn’t have to be writing. Your freelance work can extend to areas such as consultancy, audio production, visual arts to just name a few.

- There’s always something different

The nature of moving from client to client, or working among a selection of repeat clients is that you’ll very rarely find yourself doing the same job twice. Almost every project you take part in will be different from the last, and with a job that remains this consistently fresh, there’s no need to worry about burning out.

Written by Christopher Bingham


© 2019